Rangeland Pipeline Response

In the one year since the Red Deer River incident, Plains has worked to fulfill the commitment to clean up the release and mitigate impacts as a result of the incident.

Clean-up and reclamation activities on Gleniffer Lake were completed by June 29, 2012, in advance of the Canada Day long weekend. By the end of the summer, the oil-impacted shoreline was cleaned according to a plan developed by a leading shoreline cleanup and treatment authority expert. Photos of these clean-up and remediation activities can be viewed on the Images page of our response website under the Our Response menu.

The remediated shoreline was then inspected by a team that included regulators, landowners, municipal representatives and Plains staff. Based on these positive results, which verified that the cleaned-up sites met treatment endpoint criteria and as such Plains received interim sign off from regulators on the remediation progress in October 2012. Final sign off for the clean-up areas is expected later in 2013, after a second round of inspections by regulators reaffirms clean up has been achieved.

Periodic, on-the-ground assessments were conducted by Plains in November 2012 to confirm the completeness of the clean-up efforts. The assessments ended as the ground became snow covered for the winter.

While the shoreline segments received interim sign-off by regulators in fall 2012, Plains conducted spring 2013 inspections at areas most impacted by the release. These inspections found no contamination, but showed good regrowth of vegetation and observations from environmental staff indicated the presence and diversity of bird species and deer, elk, and moose, typical for the area.

Plains has reviewed our long-term monitoring plan with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) and other regulators. Field work commenced in May 2013 and activities will continue throughout the summer.

Regulatory agencies, along with Plains, will return to the area in summer of 2013 to re-inspect the sites and evaluate the effectiveness of the clean-up activities.

If you would like to contact us, email our community response team at community.response@plainsmidstream.com or call 1-866-670-8073. Media inquiries can be directed to 1-866-754-7422 or email media@plainsmidstream.com.

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